Quick safety tips

When dealing with electronics or anything really you need to know safety is key. So here are a few tips most people don’t know or don’t even think about.

ONE: Storing Capacitors.
Never store Electrolytic Capacitors in a plastic box. I haven’t had any issues with high rated uF caps but with high voltage low uF caps they have recharged enough to pop if shorted. Store them in a cardboard or anti-static bag. Or toss on a bleed resistor so if it tries to build a charge it will quickly discharge before a charge will build up. Reason why a charge builds up is due to static electricity and electronic noise. Granted plastic is a isolator but it can also hold a static charge on the surface.

TWO: Power extension cables.
We have all wrapped extension cables incorrectly. Such as holding a end of the cable then wrapping it around the elbow. This overtime hurts the cable and adds twists and eventually creates breaks in the wire. This could make a device that is plugged in to not work well and would hurt the device or even worse cause the extension cable to get too hot in a spot or two from too much current and melt away the sheathing. I had this happen to myself when I was running a circular saw for a whole day replacing siding on my mother’s old house. The cable was only a couple of years old and I was using it on almost a daily basis. The cable literately caught on fire about a foot from the male end of the cable. I then remembered how my father told me to store the extension cables. By then I couldn’t remember but I soon figured it out and been storing them as a daisy chain since. Here is a video I found on how to wrap cords in a daisy chain.

THREE: Mixing chemicals
Always read the ingredients or a datasheet. Last thing you want is to mix some chemicals and end up blowing yourself up let alone poisoning yourself or others. Reason why I stress this is at my job I kept watching people mix bleach in with the floor cleaner that has ammonia. When mixing those two together you create a chloramine vapor. When I took over on ordering supplies at work I stopped ordering bleach and when everyone complained I told everyone why, they either didn’t care because it made the floor cleaner or didn’t believe me. Also bleach and vinegar is just as bad. Basically any acidic solvents mixed with bleach is a bad thing.
Here is a short list on chemicals you should never mix.

Bleach and Ammonia = chloramine vapor
Bleach and Vinegar = Chlorine Gas
Bleach and Rubbing Alcohol = Toxic Chloroform
Vinegar and Peroxide = Paracetic Acid


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