Finally got a scope

Last night I was “windows shopping” on Craig’s list and found a Elenco S-1330 25Mhz analog scope for sale for $60.00. So I emailed the guy and offered 50 and he accepted.

The scope is in great shape. No CRT burn in or anything.

When I got home with it I wanted to nap the photo from the listing but the guy already took it down. However Ebay is riddled with pictures.


First thing I tried it out on was a cheapish function gen that my LCR meter has and I can get a 1000kHz square wave just fine. I then tested my second attempt of a power supply build and just as I thought I had no ripple on the output.

A scope is a great tool for any electronic testing. If you don’t have a scope I would suggest to get a analog scope. As long as you’re not doing too much with high speed digital circuity  a 25 to 100 MHz scope is plenty.

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