News 4/11

Nothing new really. Started to pack up since the family and I are moving soon. Hopefully we can find a place that has a garage or something for a man cave so I can freely work on my many projects.

I received a laptop the other day. It’s a Acer MS2394 ES1-512 series. It was my oldest step son’s then he gave it to his mother and she turned around and gave it to me. Sadly it runs Windows 8.1 and no way in heck I want to update it to Windows 10. Half tempted to toss in more memory and toss Linux on it. I’ll keep Windows 8.1 on it for now. Maybe if I can get use to it I’ll like it more.

A friend of mine gave me a old flatbed scanner. It’s a Microtek Scanmaker 4900. It even has the LightLid 35 adapter for scanning film. I tried it on my tinker system and sure enough every Microtek scanner is compatible but not the Scanmaker 4900. I tried it on the Windows box and the USB doesn’t like it. I think it might be the USB supply is straining on the computer itself since all 16 USB ports are populated. If I can get the scanner to work I can finally scan some stuff from my notes from project builds.

I’m thinking to build a website since WordPress takes too much for posting images. I have to upload the pictures to the computer then re-upload them to my WordPress account. For myself it would be easier to just upload them from the camera from running a script of some sort that will copy the pictures to my HTTPd server’s image gallery. With that said I can just do a HTML address link to the images/pictures here on WordPress.

I also need to find a cheap video camera. A family friend is getting married this month and she wants me to video record the wedding. If I can get a decent camera I can then use it for maybe some video footage for stuff I’m working on and also forward my knowledge to others.

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