Flatbed scanner update

I hate it when a company creates a device and completely denies it’s existence.

A friend gave me a old flatbed scanner. It is a Microtek ScanMaker 4900 USB. It’s one of the few scanners that isn’t compatible with Linux and for the life of me I can not find drivers at all for it for Windows. I emailed Microtek’s support and they said they do not support it and gave me the generic answer to buy a new one. I replied I didn’t care if it was supported and asked if I can get pointed to the right direction of obtaining any drivers for Windows 9x/NT and no was the answer. I found a old FTP site from Microtek and it only had two files to choose from. I downloaded both and they both have Win9x/NT drivers for all of the old devices, including devices much older then the ScanMaker 4900 but to avail no drivers for the 4900.

I found updated drivers for the 4800 but of course Windows has to complain about driver signing and crap when changing the VID\PID so I gave up on that.

So now I gutted it and here is what that is worth keeping.

Stepper motor
Glide rail
Cathode light
Cathode light power supply
A few components from the main logic board.

I also opened up the LightLid 35 attachment and it’s just a simple Cathode lamp. I thought their was more since it uses a DB15 port. Still I can reuse that for a small portable light.


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