Linux system build

Two identical Linux boxes for the person that wants two of everything.

A friend of mine was a system administrator in the Navy. He left me two identical HP 783c desktops to install Linux onto. He is the type of guy that likes two of everything so if one fails he would have hardly if any down time. I have a month to complete this fun project so I can work at my own pace.

Now it’s simple to keep a line of systems in check however there is one issue. He’s planning to keep them off a network and no internet access. Just more of something to play with and the guy is thinking to go back into programming.

When you put Linux onto a system for someone you just do not install it and call it a done deal. You need documentation on what is what. For a example hardware configuration, hardware that wasn’t loaded into the kernel by default, software, what kernel version, where the source tree is at and user lists. After all this isn’t Windows and all you need to do is look at a couple of things and call it a done deal. I told my friend I would write it down but he is the kind of guy that prefers a electronic publication so for now I’ll write it down then type it up and include it as a CD or Jump drive.

Since it’s a Pentium 4 system with 512MB of ram I’ll see if I have any extra memory modules to toss in and use Debian Wheezy since it’s older hardware and since it will not be on a network it wouldn’t matter with the latest security patches that Jessie has. All that is needed is the best compatible kernel for the hardware. I might touch back on here with the progress and maybe include a short guide on setting up a proper custom kernel.

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