Update on the Linux build.

Issue after issue with this. You’ve done tons of installs but there is always that one system that doesn’t like it.

Installed Debian Wheezy and had no graphics to speak of so I did a ssh connection into the system and sure enough it see’s the video card but no drivers. The video card is a nVidia GeForce 4. I downloaded the real nVidia drivers instead of the nouveau driver. Well come to find out the legacy nVidia driver no longer supports GeForce 4 cards so I had to down grade the whole system to Debian Squeeze. Worked like a charm but another issue had arise. The sound isn’t working, the chipset is a Intel ICH4 and from my findings assorts or people have been having issues with getting the sound working. The modules are loaded. ALSAMixer sees it and even in GNOME supports it but it doesn’t work. I would hate to have to put a Linux system like Redhat or SuSe.


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