HP computers update

Got one system finished. Took me  while but I finally got the sound to work as well. Since both systems are exactly the same I can just toss in the drive from the other system and just do a simple disk dump so both systems will have the same software I had to add when setting up the first system.

It’s rare to be able to use disk dump for something like this but it’s as simple as to creating a disk image. However since it is a system disk getting copied you have to copy the MBR and the swap partitions. Now if this was a extensive partition setup such as having partitions for the ROOT and users then there would be more partitions to copy. Honestly when I have a system with big enough disk I have everything on one partition. If I use a system for server use then I’ll have separate partitions so if something fails I can easily recover it then starting over.

Here is a quick way on doing a system disc disk dump. With the Linux install CD/jumpdrive just boot up and select recover. Open a terminal session and go into the /dev/ directory to see if Linux has setup a device ID for the new drive. Unlike Windows Linux uses old school Unix ID tags for devices such as sda (SCSI DISK). The A in SDA is the identifier, A is the first B is the second and so forth. So for this example we will say the system has two hard drives. A is the primary and B is the new drive. Now since we know the new drive is sdb we can use disk dump (dd).

First we will copy the MBR over.
dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=1

Now type in “df -k” without the quotes. This gives the disk structure list what partitions. Or if you like you can run “cat fstab” and see what partitions are listed. For this example we will use a single primary partition and a single swap partition. sda1 is the primary partition and sda5 is the swap partition.

Now we will copy the primary partition over. NOTE: this will take a great while depending how big the partition is.
dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sdb1 bs=1M

Once that is finished them we can copy the swap partition over.
dd if=/dev/sda5 of=/dev/sdb5 bs=1M

After that has completed then you can shutdown the system and put the drive in the other system.

This guide also works on migrating software to a new bigger hard drive.Even if it’s a windows system it can be done with dd. Instead of using a typical Linux installer you can use a Linux live distro that runs from a CD/Jumpdrive called GParted. This way you can copy the restore partition from your old drive over let alone won’t loose any files. So if you have lets say a 500GB drive and you want to toss in a 1TB drive you can use GParted to copy the 500GB over to the 1TB then use the GParted software to resize the primary partition so you can utilize the whole drive since disk dump would only copy the partition table from the old drive. With that said you can not put a 50GB partition table on a 45GB partition table.


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