Radio Shack is still around?

Today I was surfing around and decided to see if there was a local electronics parts store of some sort. Sure enough there isn’t however I must of been living under a rock and noticed Radio Shack is back. The nearest one was a few miles away so I went ahead and took a drive. I bought some protoboard and a much needed desoldering iron. After using it when I got home I couldn’t believe how I managed with out one of these for so many years. I must say it is a must buy. Other then that Radio Shack is still over priced. They had a Arduino Uno for 35 bucks when you can buy one for like 10 something or even cheaper if you get a clone. Even the price for a five pack of 1/2 watt resistors is almost $5.00. At lest the desoldering iron was a good deal for $15.00.

Since I was in the neighborhood there is a huge used book store so I stopped in to see if I could get a used copy of “The Art of Electronics”. Sadly for such a huge book store they only had a small shelf that was mostly old core lesson books. They didn’t have the book I wanted but I still bought a couple that are mostly about Op Amps.

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