Going the PICAXE route

Years ago I use to play with a PIC micro controller. This was before Micro Controllers came to be cheap and everyone jumping on the bandwagon such as Arduino.

I was going to buy a few ATmega 328 chips and a few 16MHz crystals and 22pF caps but I saw the PICAXE and thought now that is a micro controller for me. I know how to program in BASIC (I’m a bit rusty but I’ll remember it.) and it’s dirt cheap. No need for a special programmer like the old PICs and doesn’t need any additional passives to run.

So to get started out with the PICAXE I ordered a few PICAXE 08M2 and a PICAXE 18M2+. For giggles I also ordered the PICAXE 8 proto board and a RS232 cable (Found out after I could of made one.). I’m a bit excited and can’t wait to relive the old days.


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