Soldering lamp

Soldering can be tricky at times when you don’t have enough light. I have a desk lamp with a built in magnifier but I attend to cascade shadows IE: block the light.

I have a old IBM thinkpad that bit the dust recently and since I have a glass top desk I use for my work bench I got ended up getting a crazy idea on gutting the LCD from the thinkpad and use the back lighting from the LCD. So with a light shining upwards and the desk lamp shining downwards I won’t end up with myself blocking the light.

Comes in handy when I am working on something in the wee hours of the night while my wife is trying to sleep.

All I have to do is to use the bench power supply to power up the inverter and bring down the voltage until it is A. too dim or B. cuts off. So I can find a happy medium and attach a proper power supply to it.

Another benefit to this is I have a power strip on the desk and I can never tell let alone forget what direction of the switch is ON or OFF. So with the light I can have it plugged into the power strip and use it as a status light so to speak.

To attach the lighting I used black double sided tape. For the inverter when I am finished will be covered in heatshrink tubing and also will be attached with double sided tape towards the rear where I know it will net get hit let alone touched.


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