News 5/27/16

When I got this glass top desk I wasn’t planning to continue to use the Tinker PC. I was going to use my laptop instead to save space but after trying to use my laptop with the desk while trying to work on something the work area would be out of control of clutter.

So instead of having a chopped up light panel from a discard LCD as a lighting system for under the desk I decided to use the Tinker PC in place of the light panel. Works very simple, the LCD sits on the “Keyboard tray” and fits perfectly between the cross-members of the desk. With a bright background it works well for lighting and most of all I can read datasheets or even use social media while I work. With a Logitech K400r in the mix I can pretty much have a full wireless setup.

The only downside of this setup is it feels like I’m using one of those early B&W laptop LCDs. You have to be right on it to see everything. In other words I can’t sit back all the way. Still I prefer this setup over the old setup.


From all of the chaos of the hopes and dreams of moving but ending up staying I lost my notebook of projects that had. So from what I can’t remember I’ll just drop and keep working on what I already have thought up or wrote about on the blog. The CNC Machine is on hold since the wife has begged me to put it o hold due to space restraints. The power supply project is on hold until I can locate a new transformer, the old one I had got damaged some how.

So for now to fight the cable chaos on the bench I am putting together a power distribution for my soldering irons and also going to modify my CSI1501 power supply to have a output control. Dunno if I should have the high side controlled or the negative side.





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