Guitar wiring

Just a few tips on wiring up guitars and amps. Next week I will cover on modifying a Kustom Kasino 440 amp. Along with pictures and maybe video.

There are so many ways to wire up a guitar to achieve the sound you want. So for the sake of that we will skip that part but there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Shielded cable.
When you use shielded cable for the input and output jacks you must not connect both ends of the braided shielded cable to ground. This will create ground loops and feedback. You still need ground yes but use a two pair shielded cable. The outer shield wire is only connected at one end to the ground closest to the circuit’s ground and the end to the jack isn’t connected.

AC voltage lines.
Keep them away from input and output lines and also twist the wire together to as in a twisted pair. This will help cut out the 50/60Hz hum.

Avoid using electrolytic capacitors. The only time a electrolytic caps should be used is the power supply portion.

A lot of circuits with pots will have the third pin of the pot going to ground. If you bend the leg up and solder it to the back plate of the pot you then can use the back plate of the pot as a ground plain for the rest of the circuit. Do not leave any pins/legs of a pot disconnected unless the circuit calls for it. Ground the pin or wire it into a rheostat configuration.

Effect pedals.
Always use a shielded box/case or it could pick up neighboring electric frequencies. If you’re not using a battery to power the effect pedal make sure you have a power supply that is clean and works properly as a linear supply. Switch mode power supplies will had a high frequency hum from the fast switching mosfet/s.

Same thing for amps. If you build a custom amp and modify a amp stick with the same rules of the effect pedals. Also use a three wired AC main cable.


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