8bit computing

I’ve been building a 8bit computer. Not so much from scratch but a little cheating has been done. I ordered a Duinomite Mega, it’s basically a PIC micro controller running as a 8bit computer that runs BASIC. When tossing together the idea I felt I really needed a mechanical keyboard to go with the retro-ness of the project. Sure enough today at a thrift store I found tucked away on the bottom shelf a Acer Smith Corona 6311 PS\2 mechanical keyboard for a buck. Wish it was a IBM Model M but hey this will work just fine. I know the wife isn’t going to like it since it makes the loud clack sounds when you type with it but hey I’ll just use it when she isn’t here or not in the room.

For the video output for the 8bit computer I have two options. Use a VGA monitor or a NTSC Composite video device. Since once again this is a retro computer I might go with my little 10inch LCD until I can find a classic IBM monitor. Also for giggles I ordered a LM1881 that I can use with a few passive parts I could use my analog scope as a display. However I don’t want to use my scope as a primary display but it would make a awesome conversation piece.

One of these days I’ll build a 8bit system from scratch. Lately I have been reading up more on digital logic.


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