Getting a PCB made

I for one don’t like making printed circuit boards so I’m giving Dirt Cheap to make me 10 boards for my 8bit computer project. The PCB file I had wasn’t mine and was made with gEDA. I had to make the Gerber files and label them properly. I was going to try OSH Park but they wanted way too much.

A few tips. Avoid using Eagle files and use Gerber files. From what I have been told it’s easier on the PCB maker since they have to end up converting the .BRD file to a Gerber file let alone some people have issues with Eagle cad files. Also recheck yourself ten times to make sure you have all of the layers/parts to your PCB. Last thing you want to forget is the drill/hole file let alone a layer to a multiple layer board.

This PCB wasn’t created by me but was created by Matt Sarnoff. He has leased the PCB file to the circuit board for his Terminalscope circuit that I am going to build for my 8bit computer project.

Here are pictures Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards gave me as a example after I submitted the files.

I just hope they will come out like that in the end.


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