Linux for Electronics

Since with the 8-bit computer build I am rebuilding my tinker PC. It currently doesn’t have Serial or Parallel but I ordered a PCI-E Serial/Parallel card that claims to be windows compatible but I don’t care if it is since it will be running Linux. A fresh install of Debian Linux Wheezy 32bit since the system only has 4GB of ram and Jessie hates my video card. Typical single Hard drive and a CD burner for kicks.

It’s no so much the hardware but the software.

For the main GUI I like to use Tilting desktops so Awesome will be my choice. All of the typical Development stuff like GCC, AVR-GCC, G++, Python and so forth will be installed. Symbolic system links to serial, parallel and USB will be created for faster/easier access. gEDA for designing/creating circuits. Arduino IDE as well. For text editing I prefer Sublime Text or for a bare minimal pico/nano, I hate vi/vim.

However there will be a few additional toys added hardware wise. A typical LM317 power supply circuit, It will have it’s own dedicated floating supply. A Bus Pirate 3.6 will be integrated as well.

It will be a nice machine for my electronic tinkering.

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