Duinomite fun?

Well I got my Duinomite Mega last night and hooked it up to my 10inch LCD and Acer Mechanical keyboard. I even tossed in a freshly formatted 1GB MicoSD card with a FAT filesystem. However I ran into issues from the get go and just realized what was wrong.

I was using my bench power supply to power it and on the board it says 9 to 30v. I was using 9.5 volts and you can hear the voltage regulator scream. So I did a test on the drop off point of the voltage and it runs just fine at 5 volts. It wouldn’t read my SD card and even tried another SD card and got the error “Cannot read SD Card”. I did some research and the early boards faced this issue. After updating the firmware and once again Windows is my lest favorite for this I was powering up the board via USB. The board can see the SD card. To clear out the mess on the desk I removed my laptop and some cables and then again power on the board with my bench power supply and sure enough the SD card error came back… Since mt bench power supply has a USB socket for powring USB devices I used that just to rule out if there was something wring with the barrel jack portion of the power supply and sure enough the SD card works.

I don’t know if this is a common issue or I was just unlucky. If anything I would recommend on use USB to power the Duinomite.


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