Got some classic stuff

I like obsolete / vintage electronics. They still come into use today for my needs.

I got a Belkin F1B024-E Data Switch and a Sharp printer calculator.

The switch box is made for parallel use but really and truly you can use it for anything that is low voltage and low current. All of the pins to A and B match up with the main I/O port on the box so you can switch USB, serial, I2c and of-course Parallel. All you need is some DB25 male to RJ45 adapters and just slap on a RJ45 connector onto the cable you want such as USB, serial or what ever and it will work just fine. Back in the day I use to have a HD44780 LCD and a Apple DMP with one of these switches.

The calculator is going to the parts bin. Maybe I could do something useful with the printer section and maybe try and tap into the Micro Controller and see if I can reprogram it. The MCU is a Mitsubishi 7480/7481 so maybe I can do something with it. If anything the VFD will be useful.


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