Acer es1-512 and Linux

My wife gave me a Acer ES1-512 a few months ago. It had Windows 8.1 and I tried to cope with it and wanted to bash my head in each time I wanted to do something with it but Windows would deny me. So I installed Debian 8 (Jessie) Linux on it. Runs quite well, I need to tweak a few things but other then that it runs out of the box. I had to disable the Secure Boot option and now I’m trying to unlock the EFI system to access the “Hidden Page” that will let me change some systems settings that the typical settings doesn’t have options for. Such as the video ram and a few other features.

Software wise I ended up installing everything that the Debian installer offers. I’m using GDM3, Awesome WM and Cool-Retro-Term. To minimize the window count I’m using Screen for the multitasking.

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