Laptop buyers beware.

When you decide to buy one of those “budget” Laptops from Walmart or even Bestbuy you will find in my opinion some unsettling things about the hardware. The description is vague and if there is a floor model to look at it is still vague because hardware manufactures like to use generic names for hardware. For a example in device manager it will list the video has “Intel HD Graphics” and the chipset would list as “Intel”.

When you read up on the specs from the manufacturer they give better detail but not much better then what you find in Device Manager.

When I switched over my Acer ES1-512 to Linux I found ouet t it is listing the hardware as a Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z37xxx SeriesAtom Processor Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series. Although the system really has a Intel Celeron N2840. Odd thing is Windows saw the CPU as a quad core but Linux sees it as a dual core. Sure enough it is a dual core and uses a crappy chipset.

I’m not 100% sure if Linux is using the correct kernel modules or the chipset is based off of the Atom z36/z37 series. It’s a bit of a headache. I guess I need to crack open the laptop and look and see what I really have and check up on some datasheets.

Just beware, a cheap laptop is in fact cheap hardware. Yet even expensive laptops can also be junk. This is when you start researching everything you can about a laptop before you toss cash at one.

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