News 7/14

Yesterday I went to RadioShack and bought a couple of things such as new desolder iron tips, prefboard and a few multimeter adapters.

I was also able to put the power supply for the All-in-one lab on a PCB.

Went to Harbor freight and bought new hand router bits since they were on sale. They even tossed in one of those cheap multimeters.
The router bits I already have are older then me and have seen better days. Not to mention the trimming bits do not have bearings and kick like a mule. Friday I plan to finally finish my router table and I can start on a few things that I’ve been needing a flush trim bit for.

Last night my wife told me the washing machine is on the fritz. Sure enough the dial to it has seen better days. The function to turn it on and off by push/pull on the knob isn’t working and it doesn’t stop at the spin cycle. I just find it funny it’s a Maytag and it uses GE and Whirlpool parts. A replacement price wise starts at $71.00 but typically used. A new one runs about $120.00 and up. It’s not bad but since my electric bill is over $300.00 for this month I can’t afford it.

Yep, my electric bill is $305.67 this month. Used about 2,500KW because of the A/C in this apartment. The A/C is 26 years old and we have had issues with it since we moved in five years ago. The other day I decided to clean out the condenser coil myself with some coil cleaner since I had half a can left from when I cleaned my window unit. The coil is so old that the fins just crumble when you touch it. I had the maintenance guy come by yesterday and I told him about it once again and told him what I have done. Cleaned the coil once every few months, swapped out my thermostat to a digital and even checked the coolant myself. He then took pictures of the coil and said all he can do is show the property manager. I should of gave him a copy of my electric bill to show the property manager. In the meantime I have set rules and guidelines with the power usage. At midnight everything must be off, I have the thermostat set to raise the tempt to 80 at night and around 10 in the morning go back to 77. I got all of the bedroom doors open with a fan in the hallway to pull cool air from the master since I have a window unit in there. The crappy thing is in Florida the landlord does not have to provide A/C but they have to provide heat. I know, very stupid. Yet as a tenant the dwelling must be maintained from mold and mildew. If there is no A/C then mold and mildew will grow. So I would have to open all of my windows and run fans to keep things a bit cooler if the A/C decides to fully breakdown. Now I am not a A/C professional but what if only the condenser coil was changed out. Would this be a solution or would it be a waste of time? My advise is don’t rent…

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