All-in-one lab update

I want to add a dedicated audible continuity tester. I have tried all sorts of ways and they don’t work or just make static sounds. I have found a solution and found a use for a PicAXE micro. It’s pretty simple and since it’s with a PicAXE you can make the tone anything you want pretty much. I don’t have a piezo or proper 8pin dip layout with the program I used to create that quick schematic.


Here is a example code for it.
main: sound C.2,(60)
pause 100
goto main

Another way I could tackle this since I plan to add a Function Generator is to add a simple signal tracer.

signal trace

I got this schematic from a YouTuber that rebuilds vacuum tube radios. It just blocks a DC signal and lets a AC signal pass by and inject a sine wave from the function generator you can use it like a continuity tester. Just have to add a amplified speaker to the speaker output.

Both possibilities are a low parts count and simple to build. As for the function generator I plan to use one of those XR-2206 kits.


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