News 7/25/16

Today I finally received my circuit boards for my Analog O-Scope terminal. It’s a simple serial terminal that uses a analog O-scope as the video output. It also uses a PS/2 keyboard. I didn’t design it but just used the gerber files and had a run of boards made. I doubt I need all eleven of them but I could build them up and slap them on ebay.

The quality of the circuit boards are just fine and just awesome looking. The $28.00 price tag and long wait was worth it.


A while back for giggles I tossed together a Arduino based VoltMeter. Since I didn’t have a LCD handy I used the TVOut library and it gave that retro feel to it. The other day I started to think of a way to add a peek to peek voltage readout to my o-scope and I think this could work with the help of a LM8118. I tracked down the creator that made the “sketch” for the Arduino VoltMeter and he wants to see that changes I have made to the code so this Tuesday I’ll pullout the sketch I modified and give it a shot.

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