News 8/7/2016

Nothing new really. Still waiting on some parts for my Analog scope terminal. I found on eBay some stuff I would like to get such as a Fluke 27FM and a vector display but I’m low on funds so that stuff. I’m currently saving up to get a business license to start a computer repair company. So until then I have been doing odd jobs here and there. Last job I painted a couple of rooms for a family friend.

On other things the main desktop computer for the wife and I share is starting to get on my nerves. When I built it I used a AOpen desktop case. Since it lacks front USB and front audio jacks I am planning to transplant the system into a different case. Nothing special really, just a run of the mill HP case.


I used the AOpen case because I was planning to have it on the desktop and to give it that retro feel. On the replacement case I might give it a paint job. The top of the case is all scratched up. I might try some Plasti Dip and just paint the top. The old case could be used for something else, I should measure it and see if it fits my entertainment center and I could use it for my retro gaming rig so it’s not sitting out on the floor.

The retro gaming rig is a hit with the younger kids. I figured the older two wouldn’t care and sure enough they don’t care. Gives me ammo to point out their not truly Gamers like they claim to be since they don’t play the classics every now and then. They are currently playing some game called “Overwatch”. To me it looks like Blizzard puked all over Valve’s Team Fortress and took a few elements for other games like Counter Strike and Enemy Territory. I don’t care for it myself.

A guy I know is giving me some sort of a HP server and a couple of monitors. From what I have gathered it uses non-standard hardware. He said it’s a Xeon CPU but I’m thinking it might not be, It could be one of Itanium systems. We shall see when it gets here. If anything it will have a happy home here and will become into great use when I can get it running.

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