Retro / Vintage computers

I remember back in the late 90s people were tossing out their old computers from the 80s. One time my mother knew a guy that worked for some small computer repair center and she of course mom being mom she would “gloat” about my hobby with computers because at that time I had built myself a computer. Next thing I know she comes home with four box loads of of computer parts that the computer guy she knew was tossing out old parts that were pulled from old systems. I had Seagate ESDI/MFM drives, piles of floppy drives, memory and motherboards. I think there was two IBM XT cases as well. Granted I could really do much with them since I didn’t have enough cases, power supplies and no networking hardware to speak of I was able to slap together a couple of systems for tinkering around with. I had most of these parts laying around up until I moved out from home.

Today I was surfing around YouTube and came across retro computer builds and such and to my amazement people are paying about $500.00 and upwards to build one of these systems. I went on eBay for kicks and sure enough the same hardware I had that was at one point trash is going for top dollar. I kinda want to kick myself because now this stuff is considered collectable. Not to mention a lot of gold refiners attend to buy this stuff to strip out the gold.

Looking back I had tons of stuff that some sap would pay big bucks for.


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