Duinomite and BSD

A while back I bought a Duinomite Mega. It’s a small single board computer that uses a PIC micro controller and runs BASIC. After playing with it and got very annoyed with it since the ROM it was shipped with was faulty and had to flash it so I could use the SD card port and still wanting to toss the keyboard into the screen due to it being so buggy I just tossed it in a box and tried to forget about it.

The other day I came across RetroBSD and sure enough the Duinomite is compatible. So I gave it a shot and I am very pleased. It took some head scratching on getting it to flash and ended up using a Windows port of mphidflash. I tried doing it on my laptop running Linux but no mater how I tried it I got a permission denied or it wouldn’t see the board. I copied the mphidflash executable to the directory I decompressed RetroBSD to and ran a command prompt windows with Administrative permissions and ran the flash, same command as the Linux/MacOS syntax that is stated in the Duinomite manual for updating the firmware.

mphidflash -w unix.hex -v 15ba -p 0032 -r

Be sure to put the board into the “debug” mode by holding down the BUT and hit RESET so the yellow and green LEDs are flashing.

I wrote the SD card file to the SD card with my laptop but Win32DiskImagier should work just fine for Windows.

To test the system I used Minicom on the Laptop and connected it via USB/Serial and hit the Reset to reboot the board and it came to life.

Now there are some major downsides. Since the RetroBSD team is small there isn’t much working on the Duinomite. No UART other then the USB, no video and no keyboard. If I had more time I would attempt to port some stuff but I don’t know, we shall see.


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