Reviving the CNC project

I really need a CNC for an up coming project so it looks like I am building the CNC machine once again.

The setbacks last time was not having the correct tools for the job and a few odds and ends. Instead of trying to be “Mr. Perfect” for the build I’m just going to do what I can.

It will be a threaded rod drive system. Maybe belt drive for the Z axis.

The build is very simple. I can’t draw for crap but just imagine with me here.
X axis is nothing more than a frame made out of aluminum angle bar bent into the desired square shape. Threaded rod and a single stepper in the middle. Probably a bearing on the end that doesn’t have the stepper. The Y axis would pretty much wrap around the bottom to the threaded rod and V-Groove bearings for the Gantry to ride on the sides of the X axis frame. The Gantry’s construction would be the same way of using V-Groove bearings and aluminum strip bars. A single stepper again with a threaded rod. The Z axis is still in the air because I haven’t decided on what type of spindle I want. I don’t know if I was to use a Dremel or fab something up. If anything I might just have to use a Dremel and look and see what Hope Depot or Lowes have to offer in aluminum bars and use again a threaded rod.

In all It’s just going to be a small table top unit. Probably the size of a desktop computer sitting on its side.

It will be Arduino based running the GRBL code.

The V-Groove bearings will have to be ordered probably from eBay. The rest I can buy locally.

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