Just my luck

Yesterday I was working on the CNC. I was attempting to make some v-groove like wheels for the X axis since I have a bunch of bearings I pulled from dead hard drives. Basically I was making mini Skateboard/Rollerblade wheels that are V-Grooved.

It was simple by using a hole saw to cut out the blanks from some scraps of Oak I then use my hand router with a V-Groove bit. To make the groove I used my power drill, long machine screw, a nut and a C-Clamp to hold the drill to the table top. With the machine screw holding the blank I could spin the blank over the router. by slowly raising the router on my little router table it would cut into the blank. Everything was working great until the drill suddenly stopped. I thought it was the power cord since it has seen better days so I went to replace it and noticed it was far worse then that. The drill has no bearings and only used brass bushings. The drill has to be hitting Twenty or Thirty years old. Indeed there is a bunch of slop in the bushings. Not to mention the grease was all hard and burnt.

So now I don’t have a power drill anymore. Another slap from Karma I suppose.

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