Wood working ideas

I dabble at times building things from wood, metal and plastic. So I thought to skip the electronic stuff for a while and go back to the hard sweat and tears of building stuff that will make the girl in your life think you’re a mans man.

Anyway, here goes a couple of ideas that I want to try but currently lack the proper tool (A Drill).
The other day I watched a couple of videos on making screw knobs.
Well it seems everyone over complicates it and doesn’t realize there is a very easy way. All you need is a Drill or Drill Press, a Drill Hole Saw, standard Drill-bit (Depending on how deep you want the grip contours.) and some sand paper.

A Drill type Hole Saw has a drill bit in the center and is typically proud to the cutting teeth of the saw. With this Hole Saw you will get a very close perfect circle and even gives you an identification of the center of the circle. Drive the hole saw into the wood and only let the saw score the circle mark on the wood. Now you can eyeball or if you’re a protectionist you can measure where you want the grip contours. Load the Drill with the other Drill-bit and drill holes around the circle for the grip contours. Put the Hole Saw back on the drill and finish cutting the circle out and you’ll have pretty much a finish product. All what is left is some sanding and attaching a bolt or nut into the knob.
You could probably use T-Nuts if you wish and also use Epoxy to secure a bolt head. Honestly I would useĀ carriage bolts and maybe some Epoxy if I need lots of torque.

I imagine this could also be used with Aluminum and Plastic. Maybe mild steel if you have the proper tools.

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