Guitar Amp failure

I was given a Kustom Kasino 400 Guitar amp a while back. It only had one previous owner. The manufacturing date was sometime in 1977. It was stored for many years with a cover on it and the cabinet looks almost new. However father time has rein havoc on the electronics.

I’ve opened up the power head a couple of times but never really gave it a good look over until yesterday when I was going to start on modifying the amp to use a new three prong power cable, change the filter cap to a proper X/Y type and clean the controls. However when I started to move wires the sheathing was crumbling off. The wire was oxidized and couldn’t hold solder. I went to remove the main amplifier’s circuit board so I can replace the wiring but every inch of copper was corroded and on further inspection the traces were pulling up from the board.

For giggles I pulled a couple of resistors and tested them. Since they were the brown Carbon-comp style. Sure enough all out of tolerance.

However the speakers are in great shape and the Power Module that was bolted to the bottom of the cabinet is also in fine shape.

So instead of giving my wife grief oh a huge amp the doesn’t work in the living room I called up my oldest friend and asked if he wanted the cabinet since it’s in very nice shape and the speakers look almost new. He jumped at the chance.

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