HP Touchsmart update

I got a HP TouchSmart tx2-1025dx not to long ago from a friend.

The system didn’t have a charger and would you know it HP had to use a odd ball metric size barrel plug/jack combo. I had a old off brand charger from Delta Electronics that is the correct voltage and amp rating so I went digging in my big box of wall warts. I finally found a jack that fits so I just simply cut the barrel jack from the charger and attached the plug from some crappy 12volt wall wart that had the proper size. I soldered and used heat shrink on the joint.

Since the system also didn’t have a hard drive all I had in my inventory was a 160GB drive I pulled from a old Apple. So for now I tossed on Windows 7 just so I can get another working system here for next Friday night when the Kids and I have a little LAN party with Quake.


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