Add some vintage old school looks to your modern projects

I have been looking at old vintage electronics and saw some things that you don’t see anymore. I’m not talking about Vacuum tubes or discontinued solid state stuff but Chassis, Cases and Wire management.

I want to focus on the Wire Management. Reason why is because it’s basically a dead art and mostly used these days by line men and aircraft.

Before we had Zip-Ties or Zap Straps wire was laced together with wax-coated string. It was called Cable Lacing and was really big with telecommunications and used in high-end equipment. There are even a few different styles for the lacing, NASA even has their own techniques that can be found in chapter 9 of NASA-STD-8739.4.

The lacing begins and ends with a whipping or other knot to secure the free ends. Wraps are spaced relative to the overall harness diameter to maintain the wiring in a tight, neat bundle, and the ends are then neatly trimmed. In addition to continuous or running lacing, there are a variety of lacing patterns used in different circumstances. In some cases stand-alone knots called spot ties are also used. For lashing large cables and cable bundles to support structures in telecommunications applications.


Above is a prime example on how it looks. In my opinion it looks better than Zip Ties and keeps everything much neater. To achieve the same look with Zip Ties you would have to use a huge bag of them to cover ten feet of cable. Not to mention Zip Ties can crush the wire strains and you have to deal with the sharp ends left over when you cut off the excess plastic from the Zip Ties. Electrical tape just makes things nasty after a while when the tape looses its sticky adhesive.

I imagine this would look killer for decked out Gaming PCs and such if you use a color scheme. It could even come in handy for cleaning up the wire mess under your computer desk or Livingroom entertainment center.


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