Retro PC Update 2

I installed Windows 98 Second Edition and it is a blast from the past for sure. It took a while to get all of the hardware working and figured out I don’t have a ATI All in Wonder but a ATI TV Wonder VE. I can’t find the ATI Multimedia Center that is compatible however VLC works well. So for giggles I tossed on my Arduino Voltmeter that uses the TV out add-on. I’m currently installing SmartDraw and I’ll attempt to install some updates and try out the KernelEX add-on and see about getting a HTML5 compatible browser going. After that I’ll get DOS 6.22 going for some DOS gaming.

A couple of hurdles had came my way like transferring files from my Win7 driven laptop. I had to waste a CD for a simple 400KB driver set for the Ethernet card. After that I just created a file share on the Retro PC and copied files over that way. I also couldn’t get the built-in sound working so I tossed in a SoundBlaster Live Value PCI card. Every USB device I plug in is “too new” and it complains for drivers. There is a Unofficial Service Pack that has all of the updates from the old Windows Update site from back in the day. Maybe after installing that I can get further with USB support for my old 256MB jump drive.

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