How one project turns into another

Today I was playing around with some Digital Rotary Encoders and thought it would be great to see the wave form on my scope. Sadly I only have an Analog scope. In the past I have played with a Arduino based DSO and thought I would look into it again. Well sure enough I ran into a instructable post that some one took the Poor Man’s Oscilloscope and updated it. So naturally I tried it out and works great.

It’s more of a face lift to the Processing portion of the code. Some added features such as pausing the wave form and able to zoom in and out.

When I built my board up I used a 1MGEG resistor as a pull down from Ground to A0 and also since I’m using it as a scope I tossed on a BNC connector. Since I have a 10x probe I am able to do a voltage divider and able to probe signals higher than 5 volts. With the Probe in the 10x setting 5V is 500mV (Half a volt). That comes in handy for probing CMOS ICs that run at higher voltages. I could also toss on a Capacitor for some AC coupling.

So if you need to see some rising and falling edges or a wave form and all you got is a Analog Scope then I would give the Arduino Poorman’s Oscilloscope a try.


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