New Job

Well on December 30th I will no longer be working for McDonald’s. I got a new job that I can somewhat use my technical skills with. I would be running cabling for security systems for homes that are still under construction.

The downside however I would have to use my own vehicle but they will pay for Gas. It’s also piece-rate pay but the more I do the more I get paid. As long as it’s more money I’ll be happy.

A friend even gave me a power inverter, for the life of me I can not find mine. It’s only a 75watt unit but it should be enough to run a battery charger or a small power tool for a few minutes.

I’m just excited really. My current Boss is kinda pissed and told me I wouldn’t be able to recall my notice. I don’t care if I can’t recall my notice honestly I’m just glad I can leave that forsaken job.


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