Free power ideas

Since things are kinda slow here so I thought I would goof around with some “Free Power” experiments.

All over the web you can find some great ideas about “Free Power”. Some are far-fetched and some have some surprising results. I’ve had a few ideas of my own that I want to try such as trying an “Earth Battery” and seeing about boosting the voltage to five volts and boost it further with an inverter or a high voltage Joule Thief. I also have a couple of ideas with some old Microwave oven parts such as the power transformer and the glass tray spindle motor. The spindal motor can be used as a generator that doesn’t require that many revolutions but requires a lot of torque. We know if we inject 120 volts into a Microwave transformer you get 1000s of volts on the secondary but what if you use a lower voltage on the primary? Typical it is 1 volt per turn on primary windings. I tried taking two smaller filament transformers and injected 28 volts in the primary and got  10 volts out on the secondary. if a synthetic AC 5 volt source can be used on a MOT I wonder how many volts can I get on the secondary. Would it be worthwhile to try making an inverter to power AC mains stuff or would it be too weak?

The main objective for my experiment is to use an Earth Battery and boost the voltage to around 12 volts to keep an array of Super capacitors charged to power low voltage / low current mostly for powering LED lighting and maybe a few other things. Doubt I could be able to use an automotive Power Inverter to get 120 mains voltage. Not to mention it would be a synthetic mains voltage since it would be taking a DC source and converting it to a positive and negative square wave running at a 60Hz duty cycle. A lot of stuff doesn’t like using that synthetic AC such as motors. A hand crank would be great for a backup for in case if the Super Capacitor array is too low.


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