Old Point Of Sale Printer

A while back I got ahold of a Epson TM-88II. It’s a typical thermal receipt/ticket printer used with POS (Point of sale) systems. The printer I have has the RS-232 adapter. Sadly no power supply came with it but after digging around in my parts box I found a laptop charger that has the correct voltage and current rating. So I hardwired the power supply leads onto the printer’s motherboard after probing what was positive and ground.

The only PC I got running at the moment that has RS-232 is the junk system running Windows 98SE. The printer can’t natively work in Windows 98SE however since it is a serial device you can use the Generic text only driver.

To figure out what the serial port settings are on the printer you can hold down the FEED button while powering on the printer. This will print a short report of the printer settings and the serial port configuration.

For giggles I tried hyper terminal and connected to the printer. I can use it as a mini teletype system.

Just thought I was share my boring day.


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