Happy New Year and News

Happy New year to all of my Followers/Readers.

To roll out the New Year I have started a new job pre-wiring houses for TV, Data and Security. Some times even Speakers for Audio systems. It’s a easy job but the summer heat will probably suck.

Since taking on the new job we had to turn into a two car family. The Wife and I bought a 2016 KIA Forte since I turned the Family Van into a Utility work vehicle.

For the new Job I bought a RYOBI ONE+ Drill and Impact driver set from Home Depot that were on sale for 99 bucks. After using them for a couple days I have made up a little review performance wise. Lets start with the Drill. It feels nice and sturdy and some what light weight. For the work I do that requires to drill into multiple studs with a 3/8 twist bit it works fine but with Paddle bits it has no torque. As for the Impact driver it also feels sturdy and light weight. You can drive screws in like a hot knife thru butter. I was able to get by two days before having to recharge the batteries for both devices.

Yesterday I got a killer idea for a Cartoon. I got a hold of my oldest friend yesterday to talk about it since he does art and a few times we talked about doing a cartoon since I can do voices. I won’t go into detail about it but it will be a adult like cartoon comedy.


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