Table top CNC update.

When building a CNC from wood it can be very challenging. Unless you have a full fledged wood shop. With basic tools that most people like me have it involves tons of sanding to get a level surface. Not to mention a bunch of measuring and remeasuring to make sure you get a proper straight cut. The router table setup I have works well to straighten up most of the cuts but everything else requires tons of hand sanding. I’m tempted to buy a electric sander before doing anything else. Now this isn’t because I went with OSB for the material, this is the challenge for any kind of wood.

I came across an awesome circuit for the Spindle. The circuit ramps up the speed of the motor when the RPMs hit a certain speed. Or should I say when the motor bogs down it adds more juice. I got this from a YouTuber called MrJohhhnnnyyy.

drill  One thing that isn’t shown on the schematic here is you need a Diode to go across the motor terminals for added protection. I doubt 40V is needed to drive the circuit, I am planning to use a old laptop charger to power it. I could always use a small transformer that is rated for 40 volts, an bridge rectifier and boost up C1 to a higher capacity or add in a second filter cap.

I worked on the Y-Axis a bit. The railing I have is too flimsy to use so I found some old drawer handles. I sanded the paint off and polished it with 2000 grit sandpaper. It came out real nice and now I need to mount the railing. Before mounting them I need to find something to use a bushings. I could use some bearings I pulled from old hard drives but it would cause more time to setup for them to run perfectly parallel.


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