News 1/31/17

It has been a month with the new job and it is still awesome compared to the old one. Stress free, I’m basically my own boss and I pretty much control my paycheck.

The other day I spent time with the youngest son and both played around with some R/C cars. We got a couple of cheap ones from Walmart. Afterwards I rebuilt my car and made it a hell of a lot faster. Tossed in a old control board I had in my junk box and changed out the odd 4.5 voltage rated caps to higher voltage caps that matched the Micro Farad rating and tossed on a 8 volt battery.

The Desktop CNC project is slow going still. I am taking my sweet time with it so everything will work correctly.

In the mean time I came across a old JCPenny CB radio and stripped it down for parts. The case will be reused for my Component tester. The fake wood and flat head screws have a neat old school look.

Other then that I have been spending more time with the family since I am home in the evenings now.


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