Building an case for my cheaper transistor tester

I have one of those cheap Chinese transistor tester kits. Today I decided it needs a case. I have a case from a CB radio that will work very well to house the tester. At the moment I have to use cardboard for the front bezel until I can get some plastic or a decent blade for the jigsaw to cut some sheet metal. I plan when finished to paint it to match the rest of my gear or I could keep it with the fake wood panel look.

To make this work I had to modify the circuit board a bit such as replacing the female header for the LCD to make pins so I can use a ribbon cable to extend the LCD. The tactile switch was also removed with some wire to extend the button to the front bezel. While I was at it I removed the brightness pot and put on a typical 1/2 watt 15k pot so I can mount it to the front bezel as well. I just hope after recalibration it will work properly. Right now it sees thins with a 2 ohm resistance.

As you can see I finished it. Some acrylic paint helped a lot on the cardboard bezel. Also recalibrating it worked well. It now rests under my scope.


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