Keithley 179

I acquired a Keithley 179 Ture-RMS bench top multimeter. The case is a smokers beige and has a few scratches here and there. The date code on the IC chips are dated from 1978 so it’s an early revision.

When I received it I took the top off to take a look around and sure enough the filter capacitors were leaking electrolyte everywhere. I went ahead and powered it on and it some what worked. I don’t have any voltage references¬†or resistance references to see how far out it is but comparing it with a cheap none True-RMS meter it keeps up.

Today I recapped the whole unit. Since RadioShack was having another store sale off they had the electrolytic caps I needed, not to mention the axial type as well. They didn’t have any tantalum caps so I had to use electrolytic caps instead but the two caps I changed are only for filtering so it works just fine. The other two tantalum caps still had fine ESR and checked out fine so those were the only two polarized caps I left in. While I was at it I replaced the two probe banana jacks since the old ones were corroded.

Some time I might sand down the case and paint it. Maybe even make a custom front bezel instead of the translucent red panel.