Storing electronic parts

If Hobby Electronics has become a somewhat serious hobby you’ll have a huge inventory of parts. Stuffed in storage bins, boxes and so forth. I came across an awesome idea for storing most of my inventory of parts. Just think about it, no more digging for the certain part that got mixed into a bin of similar parts.

It’s a bit overkill but worth it long-term. This mostly works with smaller parts and probably SMD if you’re into that.

All you need is a bunch of #3 Coin Envelopes and a couple of boxes for storing trading cards.

If you watch TV while sorting out everything it will fly by. Just sort out the parts by part number and again for wattage or voltage rating for resistors and capacitors.

Honestly I thought I was doing fine until I sorted out all of my Diodes. My gosh I have tons of different flavors of just Zener Diodes alone.

Here is a photo of my progress.
That’s not even a dent in of the parts I got. All I need to get after the sorting is a few trading card boxes. With the card boxes I can tape on a short inventory list on what is inside it.

I know most people will find this lame but I find this exciting. I can spend less time hunting for a part for a project and spend the time working on the project.


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