News 7/3/17

Finished sorting all of my parts and got a 5000 count trading card box. I was hoping to get a box that held cards sideways but could only find small boxes that did that. The envelopes are a bit tall but fit just fine when tilted.
The envelopes work well but I wouldn’t advise to store IC chips. The pins on IC chips are fragile and bend easy.

The z80 computer project is slow going. Still finding and waiting on parts. Wish I can find wire wrap sockets or stackable headers in larger pin count.

I’ve been checking out thrift stores on my way home from work since nine times out of ten I am on the other side of town or in a different county. I’m hoping to find some retro electronics to tinker around with or add to the collection, so far nothing. There is a YouTuber by LGR that attends to go to Good Will and finds assorts of retro games and such but it seems here in Florida people only donate Clothes, Chachkies or busted up Furniture.
Next payday I might take a trip to a FleaMarket in the next county. Last time I was there I saw some nifty stuff but didn’t have much cash on me and didn’t want to carry it around all day.


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