RCA VoltOhmyst WV-97A restore PART1

Started on restoring the VTVM. I stripped down the whole thing and wire brushed the chassis using my Drill Press with a wire wheel. I also painted the chassis with some Semi-gloss black high heat exhaust enamel from Duplicolor since it prevents rust and holds stronger than the rustoleum stuff. Granted this does not count as in a “restore” of bringing it back to its new state but in my opinion better and safer.

Before painting it I had to drill out the rivets for the tube sockets and a few standoffs. I also numbered and wrote a legend sheet out to keep track to what wire is what. I may have to end up rewire the whole thing since there is a mix bag of wire types and gauges that don’t seem right since this uses a high voltage. Some of the wires are 22 gauge telephone wire and some have the cloth covering or with typical rubber coating. I don’t know if these meters were offered as a kit or not but it seems to be in bad shape.

I have measured the fixed Carbon comp resistors and they seem to be out of tolerance. Good thing I have a wide assortment of 1/2watt Metal Oxide resistors.

I used some plastic polish on the meter face and now im stuck with a static issue that moves the needle. I think if I rub it down with a anti-static sheet it will dissipate it. I even polished the front panel and has a chrome look to it. When im finished I’ll polish it one last time.

The Capacitors are on order. I even ordered the Capacitors for the Eico that I plan to restore after this one.


2 thoughts on “RCA VoltOhmyst WV-97A restore PART1

  1. Nice job cleaning up the corrosion. I like the chassis repaint, very neat.

    I’m in the process of restoring a few of these. The finer gauge wires in mine appear to have high-quality teflon insulation on them. I don’t think you need to replace them.


    • Mine looks like telephone wire was used. The more I dig into it the more of a rabbit hole I go. It looks like the previous owner tried to do some repairs. Also the odd ball precision resistors are out of tolerance and two of them are open. I ended up gutting it and in the process of finding another one.


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