Tools Consolidation

Today I was working on the Van and noticed I had to rummage through four tool boxes to find tools to get the task done. I decided to take inventory and purge all of my tools. Like who needs six 14mm wrenches? Should only need two at most. Also too many tool boxes. I can understand a Tool Box for certain things but having one box is perfect in my mind set.

For my next one day build is going to be a small Tool Wall and Storage for items that I use the most and are too big to fit into the Tool Box. I have some left over cabinet veneer boards that will work great. Just make a Walmart run for some hooks and go to town on hanging some Tools. I have a blank wall in the Garage/Shop that will work just fine.

While Purging the Tools I decided to fit my Electronics Hand Tools in as well. However I will keep the screw drivers, tweezers and tweakers at the Electronics Work Bench. Everything else has its own drawer in the Tool Box. I’ll probably take some scrap wood and drill some holes to slip the screw drivers in and mount it on the side of the Desk with some C-Clamps.

I guess years of people giving me tool sets for Birthdays and Christmas Gifts have taken its toll.

Tools I don’t need or want anymore I can put up on Craigslist or Facebook and use the funds towards more stuff for the Garage/Shop.

Also on my Purge I found a few Craftsmen Hand Tools that need replacing. I’ve been hearing horror stories how Sears have been treating people with trading in Hand Tools. Also it’s a hit or miss with Ace Hardware to trade in Craftsmen Tools. So wish me luck on that adventure.



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