I am an avid coffee drinker. Probably since I work nights most of my life and when I stopped drinking booze I replaced it with coffee. A friend gave me a Keurig Coffee Maker that a room-mate left behind. I cleaned it up and tried it out. Honestly it makes the weakest coffee I have ever had. Even with the smallest cup I got is like drinking water. Granted the K Cups that came with the coffee maker probably isn’t the best choice however the amount of caffeine intake isn’t that much. I’ve had iced coffee from work that all of the ice melted and was still stronger. The K Cups I tried with this machine were Black Silk from Folders. With my Mr Coffee machine for every cup I brew is a table-spoon of coffee grounds and I typically use Folders Colombian Bean. I attend to brew four cups at a time since most of my coffee cups can hold three to four cups worth. However days when I have to get up early I don’t have time to enjoy a large amount of coffee so a small single cup is enough.

I love the fact I can make a cup at a time. I can make a cup at a time with my current Mr. Coffee maker but it doesn’t brew straight into the cup and if you don’t pour it into a cup ASAP the hot plate will burn the coffee. I might buy of those reusable filter K Cup kits and use it for brewing espresso. Even if it did brew a proper cup to my taste from a typical K Cup it would cost way too much for 10 bucks for 18 cups or 27 bucks for 40 so a reusable filter kit would be the best thing. You can get one of those kits for 10 bucks and Cafe Bustelo Espresso coffee is almost four bucks a can from Wal-Mart. However since the Cafe Bustelo is a very fine coffee ground the screen filter might let fine particles through and you end up with some thick coffee on the last couple of sips. I know this happens with my main coffee maker but honestly it doesn’t bother me.

I guess what I am getting at is if you or a loved one loves strong coffee that can put hair on your chest or wake the dead then I wouldn’t buy one of these unless you want to use it as a dedicated espresso machine. I know I’ll use it for that and I know my wife will love it since she is a lite coffee drinker.