This Tuesday 6/23/15, lets discuss Multimeters. Some of us know the big brands like Fluke and Mastech but not all of us can go out spending hundreds on a multimeter when starting out. So this is more towards beginners until they can afford a decent Multimeter. When looking for a cheap multimeter you should make sure it has volts, amps and ohms. Make sure it’s CAT II or CAT III compliant. You’re best bet is a Extech EX330. Runs for about forty bucks at wal-mart of all places.

Multimeters are number one when it comes to trouble shooting a circuit. You can use to to test a simple battery to testing ohms of a resistor. At times it is even better to have two meters. One measuring voltage and the other current. Or when a circuit had a voltage in and voltage out. A setting I use a lot and so happy to has is the continuity test to locate ground points and following signal leads.

Just get by with a cheap multimeter and as soon as you can buy a Fluke 117.

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